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Fascination staircase photography

My passion to take pictures of staircases started back in 2004 and has developed continuously. In the first moment people see a strange motif as staircases are of functional nature. Their job is to provide access from the ground floor to the upper levels in a building.

So what makes it interesting?

There are two aspects which are appealing to me. On the one hand I'm always surprised by the creativity of architects when it comes to the shape of the stair railing, the flight of stairs and the ground. The scopes for design are infinite and new patterns and shapes come up all the time.

Most important is the "eye", the funnel when taking a look from the bottom up to the top and vice versa. Spirals, rectangles or abstract forms result according to the shape. Interaction with other elements and the individual vision of the photographer make it possible to create stunning images which draw viewers in due to composition and the layout of the lines.